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Stephen Ralph
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Stephen Ralph Probably the best ambient track I'll ever hear. So powerful yet with beautiful harmonies. Really gives my 5.1 cinema system a workout and always gives me goose bumps. This needs to be heard in an IMAX cinema as an integral part of a SciFi movie. I see a spacecraft in peril; the crew frantically evacuating as the ship gradually breaks up and explodes. Just needs this track to illustrate the frantic sequence unfolding. Favorite track: Innerspace Outermind.
Michele Sumberaz Sotte
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Michele Sumberaz Sotte One of my favourites ! I could listen to his music almost any time of the day..:)
Bradford Ross-MacLeod
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Bradford Ross-MacLeod There is no music quite like Altus music. He pulls amazing sounds out of the ether and breathes such vivid life into them. This is a stellar release from him and one that I would say is essential if you like his music. Favorite track: Vast Yet Insignificant.
Reflection 09:09
Release 06:44


Altus is proud to present INNERSPACE—a journey not beyond, but within. 70+ minutes of music in pure ambient form. It doesn't demand your attention, yet the sombre touch you've come to expect from Altus is here.

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Review at Hypnagogue

[...] To me, Altus is one of the top purveyors of quiet, reflective music working today. Mike Carss has an amazing ability to pull strong feelings from you without rippling the surface. His music just eases itself into your ears, heads for your soul, finds that part of you that’s resonating with his ambient reflections, and works on that harmony. It’s effortless—all you have to do is listen. Innerspace is yet another superb, repeat-ready release from one of my personal favorite artists. Get this, and resonate.

Review at Sonic Immersion

[...] the six soundscapes—I regard them as phases—making up the 70+ minute journey within are a lovely drifting, smooth evolving and calming affair tantalizing the senses from start for finish. Ethereal, serene glistening and uplifting as well as sombre currents pass by in the continuous textural worlds of "Innerspace". It glides onward effortless to distant horizons beyond without demanding the listener’s attention, finding a compelling conclusion in the 21-minute velvet cosmic expanse "Innerspace Outermind".


released September 12, 2016

Composed July to September 2016

Beach Photography: Mike Carss
Galaxy Photography: Hubble Legacy Archive;
Adrian Zsilavec, Michelle Qualls, Adam Block
Galaxy Processing: André van der Hoeven




Altus Ottawa, Ontario

Ambient music with cinematic overtones

The home of Altus and Loneward

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