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Stephen E Ribble
Stephen E Ribble thumbnail
Stephen E Ribble This is my kind of music! WOW! Sun-dappled is my fav! Favorite track: Sun-dappled.
Impolight thumbnail
Impolight Altus is a prolific artist who makes incredibly lush and powerful albums. Every track is luxuriant and all consuming, as cinematic as it is psychedelic. Komorebi is the euphoric feeling of baptism by starlight. Favorite track: Wander.
Alan Mellerick
Alan Mellerick thumbnail
Alan Mellerick What I get out of ambient is a real connection to "the wiring behind the walls". The very best ambient, for me, brings imagery of landscapes, space, light, growth and futurity.

With Komorebi, Altus brings his very best; rich, deep, sweet, colourful (never dark). It's beautifully engineered, gorgeous layer upon gorgeous layer, with nothing drowned out, yet spacious in stereo. It may sound corny, but I can best sum up "Komorebi" by quoting Waugh; "drowning in honey."

Beautiful. Favorite track: Cerulean Skies.
Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa Such delicate beauty unfolds throughout this album. It is a peaceful secure journey from start to finish.
Duff Egan
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Duff Egan I think this is my favorite of 2015. An elegant and engulfing sound blanket of positive energy and optimism. So happy that Altus is on BC now. I have fond memories of listening to the streaming ambient radio and first discovering his sound and watching it blossom into this inspiring record is a pleasure. thank you and looking forward to the next one. Favorite track: Slow Breath.
In.Visible.Generator thumbnail
In.Visible.Generator Oh yes, these wide open spaces! An album like a beautiful pearl. Crystal clear and calming. Most of his albums have this very special kind of soul. Reminds me always in cold winter days, when it´s grey outside and snowdust is quiet whirling. Perfect sounds for northern landscapes. "Altus" keeping the line through the whole release at a stratospheric level!

I´m really happy to see this artist here on Bandcamp and looking forward to the next.


a Japanese word describing
sunlight filtering through foliage

Promo video: youtu.be/bWhMoAKWMbM
MP3 (320kb/s) available for free at: altusmusic.ca/komorebi/

Review at Sonic Immersion

[...] The chosen concept though reminds me of the older albums by Thom Brennan, who also feels a strong connection with the natural beauty in his dayly surroundings and being able to transfer these into ambient music.

The soundscape music making up "Komorebi" is of a highly emotive nature, expansive and gracious, evoking relaxing mindscapes easily. I’m especially fond of the soft breathing character embedded in each of the seven textural, gentle waving pieces, where calmness and introspection form the core. The warm feeling brought to the listener on e.g. "Sun-dappled" feels like a warm embrace, lifting you up without effort.

Once again, Mike’s layering and deepening of soundscape tapestries is meticulous and focussed. The aforementioned make another worthy (almost continuous) ambient journey to escape from human’s busy and often tiring worldly affairs.

Review at Hypnagogue


released November 20, 2015

Composed August to October 2015
Photography: Mike Carss




Altus Ottawa, Ontario

Ambient music with cinematic overtones

The home of Altus and Loneward

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